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Vertical Slice 119: Αλλοπρόσαλλες μπουρμπούλες

Vertical Slice
Vertical Slice
Vertical Slice 119: Αλλοπρόσαλλες μπουρμπούλες

Η Nintendo κοροϊδεύει τον πάνω κόσμο, η Activision Blizzard τον κάτω κόσμο, η μάχη της Epic Games με την Apple ξεκινά και… κάπως έτσι μαθαίνουμε πράγματα για Microsoft και Sony.

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Switch nears 85 million in record year for Nintendo
Nintendo nominates CEO behind Minions and Mario movie as new director
Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty drives 27% Q1 2020 revenue growth to $2.28 billion
Blizzard’s player base has fallen 29% over the last 3 years
Games Featuring FPS Boost
Stadia’s VP and head of product leaves Google
Six additional staff leave Stadia to join Haven Studios
Announcing PlayStation’s new Partnership with Discord
Sony Sued for Limiting Purchases of Games to PlayStation Store
4 big takeaways from Epic v. Apple, day one
Epic CEO argues Fortnite trial is an existential fight for the future
Court docs reveal Xbox’s internal Last of Us 2 review: ‘Sets a new bar for what we hope to achieve’
At trial, Epic and Apple squeeze Microsoft over Xbox, xCloud restrictions
Sony really hated PS4 crossplay, confidential documents reveal